Summer Camp 2024 ** Exceptional ** Master Ming Yue will be with us! EARLY BIRD

Like every year, associations from the Phenix and Dragon School organize a great Summer Camp in July, in the South of France. The objective is to combine practice Chinese Martial Arts with a relaxing holiday in a beautiful region. And this year, we are extremly happy to welcome the Taoist Monk Ming Yue, from Saturday July 6th to Saturday July 13th, 2024! This is a unique opportunity to practice Wudang martial arts techniques, whether you are advanced or beginner!

Where ? The Summer Camp will take place in Ardèche, an ideal place to spend a wonderful vacation for adults and children, for practitioners and non-practitioners!

Program ? Energizing waking-up, Meditation, Taiji Wudang, Wudang Sword, Xing Yi, and Kung Fu for kids… up to 6,5 hours every day!

Accomodation ? We have already reserved several comfortable cottages (including air conditioning), with 2 or 3 bedrooms, which you can share with other participants, or with your family. You can also find your own accommodation elsewhere.

Fees ? This year again, we are offering a « Super Early Bird » rate, with discounts up to 40%, if you register and pay a deposit (1/3 of the total) before December 31, 2023.

  • €620 (instead of €770): all activities
  • €445 (instead of €550): 1 single activity (Taiji, Sword or Tui Shou)
  • €170 (instead of €210): energizing waking-up and meditation
  • €245 (instead of €300): children
  • €350 (instead of €430): price reserved for participants in the TAO ET SANTE training, access to all activities
  • Around €1000/1300: accommodation for 4-6 people at the IMBOURS campsite

Early Bird Registrations are open, take advantage of the price !

We hope to see you in Ardèche next summer, and until then, we wish you a great sporting season

Summer Camp, what is it? Check what happened last year

The place

Each year we book several cottages for 4/6 people in the Capfun Imbourg campsite, in Larnas in Ardèche (30min from the Gorges de l’Ardèche and Vallon Pont d’Arc).

The campsite is located near historical and natural sites such as the famous Pont d’Arc or the Chauvet Cave, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site ! You can discover the cultural and natural heritage of the Ardèche, and let yourself be tempted by a descent of the Gorges de l’Ardèche in canoe or a stroll in its numerous villages of character, such as Vallon Pont d’Arc or Saint-Montan.

You can book either your own cottage, or just a place in a cottage shared with other participant(s) – see pictures below. You can also chose to skip the campsite and find accommodation in the area.

The Domaine d’Imbours has 2 large water areas with swimming pools, sensational slides and paddling pools, which will satisfy both young and older. In the evening, those who wish to do so, can find diverse and varied shows…

Kids even have a babysitter on-site !

A bit of history?

Master Ming Yue is a fighting monk who grew up in the famous Taoist Mountains of Wudang.

Immersed in the practice of Taoist martial arts since a young age, he excels in the internal arts of Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang, both with bare hands and with weapons.

He practiced for many years with the famous master Tian Li Yun, 15th generation heir of the Xuan Wu style of Wudang, whose disciple he became at the age of 15.

Now heir to the 16th generation of Wudang XuanWu, in 2012 he opened his own school, Xuan Wu Gongfu, with his fellow student Liu Song. There he teaches martial arts and Taoist practice according to the principles of Taiji and Tao, the two founding elements of Wudang culture.

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